Theatre 68 Logo Competition

The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company is moving to a competely rennovated space in North Hollywood.

To commemorate this important step in our evolution, we are updating our logo through a crowd-sourced competition.

The prize

The winner of the logo competition, aside from having their creation used as our logo, will receive two free tickets to our Gala Opening event, on September 17th at the new location.

The rules

The winning logo should:

  • Adhere to the Brief (see below)
  • Follow the principles of good design, especially
    • the logo should look good in black and white
    • the logo should look good in very small and very large sizes

The voting process

Logos will be judged by our internal panel first, and the top logos will be put up for public comment and feedback. Finally, our panel will choose the best logo based both on our own internal requirements, as well as the public feedback.

How to submit your entry

Entries must be submitted no later than midnight on September 1st.
To submit your entry, send your logo idea to in PNG format. Files must be no bigger than 1MB in size.
All finalists must also provide the source file (such as the .ai or .svg file) for the logo in order to be considered for the final round.

The Brief

Our mission statement
The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company is a community dedicated to assisting actors, writers, directors, and producers in the realization of their creative and professional identity.

The theatre company is committed to facilitating positive social change through artistic excellence and professional transformation.

Our vision & philosophy
The 68 Cent Crew Theater Company believes in the inner beauty of the soul, its desire to touch others deeply, and the souls willingness to be exposed. We believe that love is the governing force of life, which enables all people to transcend the difficulties in their lives and realize their true potential. Our philosophy contends that once an artist is exposed to his or her own inner beauty, a connection is made from the inside world to the outside world allowing creativity to flourish unencumbered by self judgment. This connection not only blurs the line between reality and fantasy but also removes it completely.

Our community seeks to build character, cultivate high self-esteem, and a desire for artistic and creative fulfillment through our commitment to the artist and their dedication to the theater company.

The logo should embody the mission and the philosphy of the company, the purpose of the logo being to attach the theater company's brand to productions and initiatives that the company puts on.

The logo will be used both in print (playbills, posters, on our marquee) as well as on the web (Facebook and social media, online playbills, our web site, etc).