I like to tell challenging stories that provoke people to reflect on their own condition.


Agnes of God

Agnes of God


I love difficult dramas that expose the darker side of humanity.  Among my favorite authors are Pinter, Mamet, Tennessee Williams and Albee. 

The Reindeer Monologues

The Reindeer Monologues


Sometimes the best way to provoke dialogue is through poking fun at ourselves.  I tend towards darker comedies that have something to say about the human condition.

A Comedy of Errors

A Comedy of Errors


The timeless poetry of Shakespeare still resounds with contemporary audiences, especially when we allow ourselves to innovate and play.

Brian Friel's story of family and struggle


My first production with The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company took place on their stage at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood, CA for 6 performances in the spring of 2016.


Cast - Anna Yosin, Rachel Zink, Elizabeth Izzo, Emma Servant, Brian Graves, Skip Pippo, Peter Osterweil

Sets - Brian Graves


Pinter's tale of infidelity, told in a classic 70's style.


I chose to keep the play in it's original 1970s time period, because I love the clothing and the music of the era.

The addition of live Motown music, played by a jazz trio on stage during the show, added a whole new element to the play.  The torch songs about love and betrayal highlighted the themes of the play.

Performing in 2015 at the NoHo Arts Center, CA. 

With Elizabeth Kimball, Greg Crooks, Brian Graves and Joe Capucini

For information on this show, which goes onstage on Apr 24 of this year, see the official web site.




Shakespeare, Italian style.


While living in Florence, Italy, I was commissioned by New York University to create a bi-lingual production of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors.

Influenced by the very physical commedia dell'arte (and blessed with an actor who made his own leather masks!), our production was a fusion of Italian physical comedy and Sunday morning cartoons.

The entire show is available for viewing on my YouTube channel.

Performed in Florence, Italy at Villa La Pietra in 2009.

With Eric Nicholson, Carolina Gamini and Roberto Andrioli.



An all female cast for the Dumbwaiter


For this production I cast two women in traditionally male roles.

The venue was a small, art deco space in the historical center of Florence, Italy.

This is my favorite kind of theater.  Intimate, with actors literally standing in the midst of the audience.  It doesn't get any more visceral than that.

Performed in Florence, Italy in 2009.

With Carolina Gamini and Claire Kolb.


A play about nuns, performed in a church


The theater that saw this production come to life was owned by a local Catholic church.  A fitting place for this dark examination of religion, faith and sanity.

Performed in Florence, Italy in 2007

With Bari Hochwald, Carolina Gamini and Judith Scarpone

Sets and lights by Trui Malten



Romeo & Juliet in Italian


The first play I directed in Italy was the famous story of the star-crossed lovers, which we performed completely in Italian.

It was challenging to direct in another language, especially a classic text like this one, but somehow thrilling at the same time.

Performed in Florence, Italy in 2006.